Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not Meant to Be?

{For any of you who have read 7 Seeds, can you find the quote? <3}

Maybe we weren't meant to be
And maybe our love was just an accident.
But there is one thing you must know:
I love you.
You might just overlook this,
Or you might not. But...
The fact remains.
I'm in love.

If I could pull you back to
The time when our feelings for each other were
Then I would.
But unfortunately, my powers are limited
And you seemed to have moved on.
What can I do to
Make you come back to me?
Should I change my personality,
Or should I change everything about myself?
Would that make me suitable
For someone like you?
No matter which girl you pick however,
And no matter how many times you hurt me,
Just remember.
I love you.

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