Friday, March 16, 2012

Bedtime Stories

{Tried my hand at fairy tale stories today. Honestly, it reminds me of a story set in a war if anything. xD}

       "Grandfather! Tell me a bedtime story - any story!"
       "Alright Emma, settle down. Let's tuck you into bed first... What type of story would you like to hear?
       "Aha, anything Grandfather, anything!"
      "Well... Have you ever heard the story of the fated birds?"

        Legend states that there were two birds who fell in love. However... one bird had to leave the other, saying that he will be back as soon as he could. In order to keep his promise, the male bird told his lover to wait for him at their most important spot - the spot where they first met behind the old oak tree. The female bird, saddened by the news, waited for the male to come back at the exact same spot, sometimes even reenacting how they first came to talk to each other. She waited years, thinking that if she stayed in the same spot, he would come back, no matter how long it took. However, time waits for no one, no matter how much you plead, I'm afraid. The once majestic bird turned into an old bird, her beautiful, shiny white feathers turning into clumps of oily grey. Finally, after the fifth winter without him, her body could take it no more, and her health deteriorated, causing her to die from old age. However, in her last moments, she did not die a pitifully. Before her eyes closed for the last time, she had envisioned her lover, as handsome as he could be, flying overhead, his once tiny wings turned into magnificent, vivid wings that would bring clear envy to anyone who is in view. Delighted by the sight, the bird closed her eyes, contented with seeing her lover from afar.
        Finally, in the spring of the new year, the male bird had finally come back. He raced back to the spot behind the oak tree, only to find that it was taken down, and the area that once was covered in the shadow of the oak tree was now a flat area of grass. Stopping in his tracks, the male bird began to go towards where the tree used to be slowly, hoping that if he got close enough, the tree would still be there, and the one he was searching for would be behind it. Unfortunately, she was not found anywhere. Confused, he headed back to her parents' home, a fantastic nest that only the finest would have, and after the formal greetings, asked where their daughter was - only to find out she had died just a month before he arrived. Refusing to believe that the love of his life was dead, the parents' gave him the area where their daughter was buried, and he set off, just praying that what he just heard was a lie. After finally getting to the area, the bird found out that in fact, the parents' had told the truth. His lover, the one that supported him through everything, is dead. Tears streaming down his face, the bird stood in silence honoring the memory of his first love, the most precious person he had ever met, the one he cherished the most.

     "...And so, the male bird left the area, trying to start anew in different places, but never forgetting the memories he made with her."
     "But wait... Grandfather, did the bird ever find another love?"
     "Why, of course he did! Eventually, he settled down and started a family. But... No one can ever replace the person you gave your all to, can they? Now, get to bed! It's 10:00!"
     "But Grandfa-"
     "No buts tonight missy! Now, go to bed, and tomorrow night, I can tell you a different story, one about squirrels! Haha, good night Emma."
     "... G'nite Grandfather..."

~ ~ ~

     "Darling, I... I told Emma our story. Can you believe that it's been over 40 years since the last time I talked to you in person? I... I wish that I could talk to you again, and this time, I want to be able to stay with you forever. But... I don't think I can leave yet, not until Emma becomes an adult. So until then, can you continue to wait for me? I promise that the next time we meet, we will be together without having another person wait just even a second more. Darling, I love you. And... I'm sorry I made you wait five years before I finally came back. But... I'm eternally grateful that you still loved me nonetheless, even waiting for me at your deathbed. That is why... Thank you. I hope I can pass this story on to our great grandchildren in the future. Until then, good night my love."

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