Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Boy at the Corner Store

{I realized that my poems don't make sense. LOL.}

I pass by that shop everyday.
It's a parlor that offers
Illustrations for your needs.
Honestly, I could care less about the shop;
It never did stand out in a sleepless city like here.
Each and every single time I pass however,
Our eyes have met.
A murky brown colour, one with a sense of mystery to them.
They weren't odd by any means,
They were in fact way too average.

Although his eyes weren't the flashiest, or even the prettiest,
They stood out and shined more than any illustration there.

Perhaps he anticipates my next passing,
And perhaps I anticipate it too.
We're strangers, nothing more, nothing less.
I left without a word.

Will he still be here, in this flashy parlor,
When I turn the corner next time?
I'll learn to greet him
The next time our eyes meet.

Last Goodbye

When we parted ways,
You showed me a lively smile
That told me it was okay to leave you.
But was it really?
You worked hard for the both of us,
Pushing your body and mind past its limits.
So why was saying goodbye so easy?
As I watched you turn away from me,
Your back seemed smaller that it was before.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why do I Cry?

In times of weakness,
Tears are shed.
In moments of frustration,
Tears are wept.
To grieve of a death
Brings sorrow and tears.
Despite what I'm told
Of tears and sadness
Being our greatest weakness,
I don't believe so.
Although they show
The "coward" in us all,
They express an inborn human emotion,
So innate, so hidden from the word.
We hide our pain in secret,
Hoping to not be viewed as "weak".
But the more we repress them,
The harder they will fall.
It takes great courage
To cry in front of others,
And it takes a human
To mourn for the life of others
And to feel their pain,
As well as your own.

Why do I cry?
I cry because I am human.


I know you mean well
But it hurts even more that way.
I'll listen to your words
And I'll try to believe
But in the end
Your words bring poison;
Although they hurt me immensely
I'm deathly attached to them.

Your actions and words
Will be the death of me
If you were to take them away.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Sky and the Earth Below

{Uh hi. Sorry I. Finals. OTL. Yesterday, it rained where I lived~ That's actually very unusual because of WHERE I live; the weather here is usually 110F 95% - 99% of the time. So yeah. ;w;.}

On rare nights the sky
Cries out on to the earth
Leaving its tears behind.
It floods the ground below
With no care about
Who would get hurt in the process.
Perhaps it was heartbroken
Or perhaps it was a dreary day.
It's so strong, so caring,
Not daring to show
Its weakness to others.
On those rare days
It cries, letting its
Frustrations and fears out.
And so the tormented sky
Cries alone in the night.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


{Hi guys Finals are coming closer I'm scared I've never taken them before WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO STUDY FOR OH MY GOD.}

Further, further away
The clouds will soar
And the birds will fly.
The sun will rise
On each and every day
And the stars will shine
On each passing night.
But the rain will always fall
Back down to earth.
Slowly, they drop back onto
The land they tried to escape
Once long before.
Perhaps they just didn't want
To be left behind in such a cruel world
Without their friends - the stars, the sun, the clouds - around.
But with each fall they realize
There is no place for them
In the happy sky above.