Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reality and Fantasy.

To the point where the line
Separating reality and fantasy are blurred,
Let's find out own happy ending.

Others may reject us, shun us, or
Even try their best to separate us,
But please, don't falter to their demands.

In order to find the perfect place,
Let's cross the borders that separate
"Fun" and "normal".
I'm sure that some day, we will find
That perfect society meant for us.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Forced Dream.

{People need to learn how to spell when they use graffiti on walls. -_-}

"Doctors are always the better option."
"Any other job is irrelevant."
"Look at your cousins! They are successful."

Goals that weren't meant to be mine,
Were suddenly forced upon me.
Dreams that belonged to my parents became
Things that were given to me.
My future, the one deciding factor of my life,
Was suddenly made to be what my parents
Had wanted for their future.

In order to excel and to earn 
The most money, the best money,
Academically, failure was not an option.
An unsaid pressure was placed, only
To be loosened when other situations
Were suddenly placed on the board.

Although the pressure of exceeding
My family's expectations was an idea
I wholeheartedly rejected, it's suddenly become
A habit; something I just can't break out of.
Maybe it's better to just conform to their wish?

Throughout the years I've warmed up to the
Thought of being a doctor, to the point where
I would like to pursue the career path.
Will I be able to succeed in this choice though?

Once a forced dream, the path of a surgeon
Was once a distant goal thought up by my parents.
However, that dream has now become
The one thing I strive to do well in.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Guest.

{Ahh, I feel like I'm going to slap someone in anger soon. People at school, both the faculty and the students, are so... Annoying? Over dramatic? Stupid? Honestly, I just want to stop being nice to them; if they think they can be a jerk yet still expect me to smile and disregard their comments, who are they kidding? I just want this school year to end.}

The wind blew, flinging a whirlwind
Of sand and rocks to the window.
Although the outside environment
Was noisy, restless, chaotic,
The interior of the building was
Silent, a thick atmosphere filling the air.
The storm raged on and on,
Until finally, there was a knock at the door.

The father, the main arc of the family,
Quickly opens the door, greeting the
Unfamiliar guest with urgency in his voice,
Ushering the man to step in to the house.
However, before the guest could be led
To the living room where the majority
Of the family was, a trigger was pulled.

Shot at the heart, the father soon was not able to breathe.
As the family rushed to the scene,
They see what has become of
Their father, her husband, in that very moment.
They ran.

Gun powder landed everywhere,
Covering the furniture, dirtying the floor.
The once lively house was now covered
In blood, the family portraits stained with
A horrid, deep red substance.

"Four dead, one more to go."
The youngest daughter, a five year old,
Hides under her bed, hoping not to be found.
"Come out come out wherever you are!"
Taunted the murderer, feeling at ease with
His latest doings.
Unfortunately, the little girl, being as young as she is,
Let out a whimper, and was immediately found.
One final bang was heard, followed by
The creaking of the back door slamming shut.

The storm was still brewing outside,
Blocking out any noise that could be heard
From the inside of the house.
Those screams, loud and haunting,
Suddenly ceased at the dawn of the new day.

And then everything went quiet.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If you...

{I... I think I did good on the audition. @w@. That, or the teacher loves to give mixed signals. xD}

No matter what, I'll always be
Your follower, helping you in
The best way I can for you to
Find your success.

If you become a hideous creature,
I'll follow you, looking for a cure.
If you become a star, I'll
Look for different ways to catch up
To your ever glowing hue.
If you decide to leave me in order
To follow your dreams and to
Seek your fortune, so be it.
I won't stop you from leaving me... Us.
But just know that I'll always
Follow you, even to the depths of Hell and back.

Maybe we grew apart during our
Time together; we found out how the other
Truly acts and how the other truly feels.
Or maybe we just didn't connect as we thought we did.
What ever the reasoning, it won't ever change
The feelings that I feel, and have always felt, for you.

If you become a an elderly man,
I'll become your elderly woman.
If you get married to the woman you love and... She isn't me,
Then that's fine. I'll be your first supporter.
Just... Remember to smile.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flying Towards Dreams.

{Can I learn a song in one day? Absolutely not. Will I fail? Definitely. But hey, at least I tried to enter~. Also. How do people make titles?! Mine fail so badly. xD}

Like a pack of birds
Let's fly towards our dreams,
Soaring through this vast, unlimited sky.
As long as we try our best
And pick ourselves off the ground
When and if we fall,
What could possibly go wrong?

We may be too afraid to gather the
Courage to stand up and shine,
But once we do, we won't stop.
We will keep pursuing our dreams,
Letting others see our talents,
And get one step closer to
The sky.

Maybe we won't all succeed,
And maybe we will crash and burn
Along the way.
But what good is a dream if we don't
Try to reach it?
Rather than giving up when we are
Half way there, we should keep going,
Pushing thoughts of failure out of the way.

Let's make our dreams come true and
Soar through the air, showing off our confidence.
We're flying high to the sky
Like the birds we are.

Friday, May 18, 2012


There's the popular group,
The antisocial group,
The band geeks and nerds,
And finally, there's you.
Which group do you fit in to?

Are you preppy and enthusiastic?
Or are you down to earth, mellow
About the world?
Or perhaps you have an interest
In music, or in the arts of writing!

In order to make friends quickly and easily,
Are you ready to change your personality
To fit those categories?
Or do you still need time to settle down?

Time doesn't wait for anyone,
A factor we all must get used to.
Should you run out of time to decide
Your "category" and clique,
Just be yourself - you're bound to find others.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


{Ohnoohnoohnoohno. Project isn't saving correctly. ;AA;}

A perfect world, a perfect place
Where everyone is equally free,
And no one is ever hurt.
A society that is better than the rest,
Simply because they chose to live
In equality, and to handle problems
With direct care.
A perfect place deemed by others,
A place with many problems hidden.

To smile freely in such a world
Should be a given, yet to be happier
Than the rest is almost forbidden.
Everyone shares the same pains,
The same sorrows, the same happiness.
Life is constricted, beaten to a pulp.

The delinquents don't exist there, or rather,
They do, but are reformed into a different person.
Or perhaps discarded of in secret order to save
The community's reputation.
Instead of mourning for the loss however,
Life moves on, without anyone knowing
Of that devastating crime.

A vacancy has just opened up
In that town.
Would you like to move
To your utopia?
Just be careful not to lash out;
Who knows what might become of you?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


To be well known in
A world that cares for
Nothing but looks and
The amount of money you earn
Is something that can benefit
You and the people who
You surround yourself in.
But could this only be a
Plague set by yourself?

The thought of being
Known in the community
Is overwhelmingly amazing,
Yet overwhelmingly bad.
Bad publicity and scandals
Might be a daily occurrence,
And your life is suddenly restricted.
Can you live with the pressure
Of being "perfect" in the eyes
Of others every day?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


In this giant, and open world,
We are all trying to catch up
To one another, whether it be
Physically or mentally.
But are our methods really working?

Although we try our best
To be able to learn at the same
Pace as others, could it be that
Some are just not that capable of it?
Or is it that we should take on
A whole other approach?

Trying to be equal to the others
And not be left behind,
Everyone is urgently moving
Forward, whether they realize
It or not, in order to be able to
Smile with the others at the same time.
But... Can we truly say that as of now,
No one is left behind, equal or not?

Sunday, May 13, 2012


{My eyes. They burn. Why are my fevers always so bad? ;~;}

"The creator."
A person like no other,
But holds a special power,
The ability to bend things
Into their liking.
But what happens when
This being becomes bored
With this usual routine of
Waking up and exploring
The world through the eyes
Of human beings?

They plunge us into our

Friday, May 11, 2012


Do I belong here?
In an environment filled with
People I'm acquainted with,
Why do I feel so out of place?

Maybe they have more bonds
With each other than I will ever have,
Or maybe it's that through this
Short period of time they've been
Together, they are closer than
I am to any of them.

Should I try to be closer to them
With this meek and shy demeanor?
Or should I just stay here,
Alone in my own atmosphere?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Family Time.

{For around a year, maybe more, I've been following this amazing artist on Deviantart - Yuumei. She's a university graduate who draws an amazing web series, Knite. In a few days, it's her birthday/college graduation.  But that isn't the point. xD. In here, she tells us of how her father can't come over from China in order to attend her graduation/birthday. For three years, she has waited for him... And he still can't come over. After reading this, I started to wonder just how much of my family time I take for granted.}

A distant home.
Although "family" is in the room,
They seem to be nothing but strangers.
Our conversations are short and our
Time together is limited.
Is this the family time we all should have?

Although we have occasional greetings
Among ourselves, a hi there, a hi here,
We show no further bonding.
Is what we are doing right?

Caught up in the new age technology
And with the friends that I have made,
I've forgotten what it's like to bond
With my family members, the ones
Who will be gone in future years...
The ones that I will miss most.

Instead of falling deeper into this
Addiction with technology, lets
Put an end to it now so that
We can enjoy the time that we're
Given to spend with our relatives,
And to not waste that precious time.

To be given these moments and take
Them for granted when others
Aren't able to even acknowledge it
Seems like a terrible crime.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Leaders and Followers.

They say that bright individuals become
The leaders of tomorrow, while
Average students become the
But in reality, who is bright and who is average?

Just what separates us into those categories?
Is it our academic success or our personal merits?
Or is it simply the amount of money we possess?
Are we judged solely on those categories?
Does equality not exist?

Regardless of our grades and social standing,
If we are based only on that and placed into
Groups of "bright" and "average",
Are we really being judged for who we are,
Or are we judged on who they believe we are?

If we take a closer look on things,
Who is really the follower?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Rubik's Cube.

{I swear my teachers hate me. -_-. My math teacher docked points off of my test only because I wrote two answers, what I was supposed to look for and what he had /told/ us to put there. Then my Language Arts teacher, his wife, was trying to blame me for my friend's malfunctioning laptop. FIVE MORE WEEKS~}

Complicating, confusing, challenging.
Life is just like a Rubik's Cube.
No matter how many times we turn
The knobs, no matter how many different
Combinations we try to make,
It only takes a few simple steps in order to
Solve your problem.

Although it's easy to just give up and
To not try again, the outcome is always
The most satisfying part.
Should you solve the puzzle to
Your own life, it's up to you.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Money or Wisdom?

{Oh my goodness I'm tired. I haven't gotten any proper sleep in the past... Two weeks? I usually get five hours instead of the recommended eight. I tried my hand at this kind of story... Can you spot what I was trying to get at? I promise this isn't based on real life other, so it isn't a type of memory for me. xD. Find the secret!
EDIT: ... That was horrible. I hate formatting. TT_TT
EDIT: BEST viewed in chrome. That's when the formatting works out. TT___TT.
EDIT: I give up with this. LOLOL. It was supposed to read "Someone is behind you don't look", the first word of each line read. After I changed my layout for the blog I guess it got destroyed. : (.}

Someone told me the key to success isn't money, but wisdom. People believe money is everything, but in reality, it's not. The key to success isn't owned, but works behind the scene. Money is a necessity in our lives, but wisdom gained in the years you live hold more importance in your life.

Don't overlook the knowledge you've gained. Although we agree knowledge doesn't look as good, it helps you overall in the long run.

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Normal Day.

It was just a normal day.
The sky was blue and there wasn't a single cloud.
The sun shined down on the crowd, missing not a single head.
The day was abnormally normal, until I met you.
You walked towards me with mystery filled eyes,
Clad in a plaid shirt and jeans that hugged your legs.
I eyed every inch of you, starting from your head to your toes.
You walked closer, and our eyes met.
It felt like the universe was frozen, in a trance.
But suddenly our eyes broke contact, maybe because of you, or maybe because of me.
That brief, perfect moment was gone, never to come back again.
You walked past me, your cologne filling my every sense, leaving me to want more.
Our fates had crossed, and our moment of togetherness became
Sweet nothings.

The day was perfectly normal,
The sky was blue and the sun shone.
However, that little part, the moment
Our eyes had met, the day became

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Missing Link.

{OTL. I'm going to fail my science test. And my Algebra 1 final. What is this I don't even--. Must. Pass. And. Become. Valedictorian. In. High. School. ;A;}

What is it that we are missing?
The absence is subtle in our lives,
But the feeling of it gone is big.

An empty spot in our hearts
That can't seem to be filled
Due to the missing emotion.
Is this normal, or is it something
Rare, a feeling that only comes
To certain people?

No matter how much I search for it,
Look for it, try to find the missing link,
I always end up at my starting point.
Could it be that there is nothing missing,
Or could it be that I'm not mature
Enough yet to find the answer?

Whether we notice or not,
That missing link, that one feeling
That we can't fill, is always there.
Can this mystery be solved in the future?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

That Road.

A familiar, unused road
That others fear to travel.
Although it leads them to happiness,
The road to originality is unheard of.

Is it simply because we are afraid of
What other people think of us that
We avoid this road?
Or is it because of something else
That is unheard of?

Instead of being dependent on
The things that others do,
Why don't we separate from that
Group of individuals that are
Doing their own thing, living their
Own life, having their own personality?

Are we really so afraid of wandering
Off on our own that we have to hold
On to these training wheels?

No matter how cliche it sounds,
Just live your life the way you want to.