Saturday, March 24, 2012


You, who shines so bright
And me who follows your light.
I'm happy to see you shine
But I know you will never be mine.

I'm afraid to get too close
Else I'll be burned by the sun.
That's why I'm happy to see from afar.
Others may reach you first
and someday I won't be able to
Watch you anymore.
But I hope that you'll always
know that you will be my sun.

You're a leader, I'm a follower
Who is attracted to your light.
Others are more fit to be next to you,
But I can still dream, right?
Although I am one of the thousands in your eyes,
Just know that to me, you are
The only one my eye follows all the time.

I thank you for making my perspective of
The world broaden, opening my mind to different things.
For that I applaud and thank you.
Thank you so, so much for being
My light
In the darkest moments of my life.

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