Monday, April 30, 2012


{I should be sleeping I should be sleeping I should be-- Forget it, let's just write at 11pm. OTL} 

Have we all lived up to the
Expectations that life gives us?
Or have we all failed miserably
In trying to morph our personalities
Into those that are not us?

As we grow older we discover
Just how much society influences
The standards of beauty in our lives.
Every move taken at that point on
Is taken hesitantly - given clear and adequate thinking.

Should you follow the others and
Be well liked with the majority,
Or will you be yourself and
Be liked by only the minority?

Whichever side you pursue, the
Fact remains that life will suddenly
Get harder, less free.
But no matter what happens, just
Don't lose yourself in this mess that
The world has wedged into our minds
On the standard of beauty.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


{Growing up, I was constantly told by my family members to be quiet and to not to talk/give an opinion. Although I don't care much for it now, it still has affected my social skills and how I talk to others. Whenever I look at my sister who is the opposite of me in personality, someone who can talk and can easily make friends, I can't help but think, "Why can't I be like that... Why did this only happen to me?"}

I'm speaking loud and clear.
Yet why is no one listening?
Am I too quiet? Or am I a
Person who speaks in the back?

Why was I raised this way?
Why could no one hear my
Cry for help back then,
Yet expect me to accept their
help now?

I want to be a better speaker.
I want to be able to make friends easily.
I want... to be heard.

Did I do something wrong?
Why shun only me?
Why treat only me differently?
Although they raised me,
I can't help but resent them for
Doing this to me.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


{I've lived in the same place for 14 years - ever since I was born basically. This area is like any other place, except it holds the memories that I had gained years before, when I went shopping with my parents, when I first started school, when I made my first actual best friend, all of those. Although there are times when I just hate this place and want to leave, the truth is, I love it here. It's given me a wonderful childhood when others weren't there.}

A quiet town filled with
Familiar people all around.
Nothing worthwhile ever happens here.
Yet something always occurs
In each individual's life that will
Be a precious memory to the memory makers.

The place where I grew up,
The places where I played,
The areas I always entered,
All hold significance in my life.
They provide a sanctuary, a place
To return when I lose myself.
Without those, I wouldn't be myself.

Harboring the same smells,
The same types of people,
The same memories, this town
Holds an incredible thing,
Even if others don't see it.

Although I complain about
Trivial things here, such as
The weather and the sunlight,
Who knew that this would be
The place I missed most?

Friday, April 27, 2012


{-____-. Only 5 more weeks and I won't have to see those teachers again~ I remember at the beginning of the year all (or I should say, the two teachers I'm talking about) of the teachers had repeatedly said things about not bringing down others' self esteem, or to poke holes in their bucket. They went beyond those words so much. xD}

A being that tries to help students.
Someone who listens to your problems.
A person who loves teaching.
If you judge even one child because
Of their shy and misunderstood demeanor,
And you side with the more liked children,
What's the point of your position?
to go behind your fake words that
You meant to fill with sincerity.
Saying that you would listen to
One side of the situation, yet doing
the exact opposite.
Just what exactly are you trying to teach?
A hypocrite like you
Sickens me.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bus Station.

{So during my field trip, I saw one of my classmate's being alienated by her friends when we entered the tour bus. Being the type who's also usually ignored, I had to write this.}

A crowded area filled
With strangers all around.
If you're lucky you get
A friend to travel with.
But what if you're unlucky?

Supposed to be a fun, exciting feature,
Yet it has turned into a horrible
Experience, where your "friends"
Isolate you from it all.
Oh how I wish for this to end.

Just get me away from them.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Behind the Smile.

{I just got back from my school field trip! It was such an amazing experience to be able to go camping, something I'd never done before. : ). I never did realize how dependent I was of things such as showers though... OTL.}

Behind this smile I'm
Breaking down and sobbing.
No matter how much I
Show a happy expression,
I can't change my feelings inside.

Why must this happen to
Only me when everyone else gets away?
Is it because life hates me,
Or is this how I have to atone for my sins?

Should I keep faking my personality
So that society can accept me?
Or should I be myself, even more
Isolated from everyone else?

When can I truly smile a
Happy smile, and feel
Like myself?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Future Self.

{I've always been interested in things like time capsules... Mostly things from the past. /Likes history. So whenever I get the opportunity, I would think about what would happen in the future, and this is kind of a result. OTL.}

Are you still the same
Weak child you are now?
Or have you grown out of
Your shell that separates you from others?

What ever happened at that incident?
Did you forget?
Or did something amazing happen?
Whatever happened, are you still the same?

Has there been any changes in
Your personality? Or are you still
Unable to join the others?
Can you make it through to them?

Be strong, be free, be yourself.
Even if in the future you forget,
Just don't forget who you once were.
Those memories will bind you
To the past, to your happiness.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Prompt 2

{Unoriginal titles for the win. OTL.
Poetry Prompt: Write a poem using the following start: "What good is a day..."}

What good is a day if
The sun doesn't shine
Or if the birds don't sing

Their daily melodies?

Can that day be perfect?
Can that day have meaning?
Or does that day turn into
A horrible disaster?

Will we, as humans, be able
To even survive a minute in that world?
Filled with superstitious people all around,
Will a day so different from the norm be
Looked at warily?

If the sun doesn't shine
And the birds don't sing,

Does that mean that the day
Is imperfect?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Prompt 1.

{Decided to actually write to a prompt. This was probably one of the hardest things I had ever written.
Prompt: Write a poem about something that has happened to someone you know.}

Premature death.
Unable to see your newborn nephews
Before they were even able to see... To feel life.
The blow of knowing this may have
Hit stronger if it was the first time.

Separation from groups,
Not being able to fit in.
Trying so hard to be "like the others"
Yet still trying to show who you are as a person.

Tell me, is it hard to
Live that way?
Or has it already become a habit to you,
Living as someone you might not be?

We may have drifted apart as friends,
But just know that
You seemed to have been my
First friend, one of my best friends.
You are stronger than you think.

Why we Live.

Why are we alive?
Why do we even try?
Is it because we are too proud
To give in and let go?
Or is it simply because we don't want to?

Proud, arrogant creatures
Who's satisfaction is knowing
That we are "better" than everyone else.
But is that really why we live?
Do we live for scientific reasons,
Being able to repopulate the earth when
Danger is wiping out humans.
Or do we live for a different purpose?

Although we take life for granted,
We truly, do want to live to the fullest.
The fact that we have evolved this far
IS proof of that, right?

The answer to my question isn't
Something that can be spotted easily.
But it can be heard
As long as you listen.

Why do we live?
We live because we can.
Because we want to.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Am I?

You use me everyday,
Yet you fail to give me recognition
For my efforts.
Although I'm the one to put up with
The struggles and frustrations you have,
Although I'm the one to take your
Anger and mistakes in whole,
Why am I never recognized?
Am I really just
A piece of paper to you?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We were scared of the future.
Not knowing what to expect,
We hesitated, not wanting to
Change our happy lives.
While everyone else stood
On the other side of the cliff,
We stayed back, unwilling to move forward.
Or rather, I made you stay behind.
I held back your wings.

Spending time with you, I
Could sense the changes I dreaded most.
I, who was the closest to you,
Felt that at times, I was the farthest away.
You shined with the others, radiating
A warm glow, clearly happy to be with them.
Whereas I dimmed, not wanting to stand out.
Eventually even concealing your glow.

As time passed and we grew older and more mature,
I realized that the only thing stopping you from
Changing and spreading your wings was me.
Having a stubborn personality, I refused to
Accept that fact, and instead ignored it.
But... The more I looked into your eyes,
The more I could see you yearning to be with them,
Almost like a child wanting a toy he can't have.
It pained me to see that expression, but
I just didn't want to be alone anymore.

However, the expression finally hit me, and...
I pushed you.
We aren't together anymore.

Now we aren't together hesitating on our future.
You, who belonged on that side, is now
Soaring with the others, emitting an expression
That was never shown when you were with me.
While I am still here, afraid to fly.
Although I can't gather the courage to go over to your side,
I'm glad you do.
I hope that someday, I can
Meet you again, with a smile on my face
Under this shining sun.
And together, we will fly.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The End.

{Bored strikes again~. If this character were real, I feel as if I wouldn't necessarily like her. xD}

And there you were, walking away.
Instead of catching up, instead of
Taking your hand and rushing to your side,
I watched you walk away from me, from us.
And at that moment, I realized that
I truly loved you, and that you walking away marked
The end.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Battle Cry

{This... Was supposed to be something for the big tests I have next week, but this works too, I guess. xD}

Shout out to the heavens.
Let your voice echo in the darkness.
Pour your soul in to your powerful cry.
Don't let others get you down.
Can you hear my roar?

Don't pay attention to others or to
The latest trends in fashion.
Instead, be yourself - Don't hold back.
Drown out the mindless chatter in your life,
And focus all your attention to doing your best.

Never mind the others who don't think the same way you do.
Think of that as your own individuality,
Being so different you're unable to be read.
Don't ever try to hide your roar from others,
Else you won't be able to truly be "yourself".
Instead of being too shy and meek to ever
Voice out your opinion, regardless of whether others like it or not,
Be a powerful lion, the king of the jungle,
And let others hear your powerful roar.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


{Honestly, the title was an autocorrect I got when I typed this out; I just typed random letters. xDD. This morning (or Saturday?) I had a dream that involved my father. In that dream, I seemed to be around 9 years old, and my father was there talking to me. Although everything was in mute, it still seemed like a nice talk with him. During the time I had with him in the dream, he had to pull my hair away to my right shoulder, decided to braid it, then left soon after. After such a long time without seeing him moving, I guess it could be counted as a good dream.}

A time when I was years younger,
Where you were healthier, stronger than before.
You and I talked about nothing.
It was a pleasant conversation,
One with smiles and laughs.
Suddenly, you took my hair, bringing it to the side,
Finally saying, "Why not?" in your usual tone.
Braiding my hair, you finished,
Leaving a messy side braid as a result.
Giving me one last smile, saying
One last thing, you got up from your crouch
And walked straight behind me, leaving me behind.
Even though I wanted to follow you,
Even though I tried my best to stand up,
I couldn't move. I was frozen in place.
Instead of following you and telling
You to take me with you, I sat there,
Crying for you to come back and pick me up.
Opening my eyes, I awoke from that dream,
Only to find my eyes wet with tears.
I smiled.

Fairy Tales

A beautiful princess or peasant
That lives with a stepmother that abhors her,
Who ends up falling in love with the prince
Of the country or palace.
At some point in their life,
Every girl dreams of being in the princess' footsteps.
But is it really the right place to be in?

Friday, April 6, 2012


{When I was in fourth (?) grade, my language arts teacher had thought that my favorite word was "perseverance", and well, the word has stuck with me through the years. : )}

I will persevere towards it.
No matter how difficult it gets,
I will make it.

Even if others say that I have no talent,
Or if I'm put down by my own family,
I won't take their remarks to mind,
Instead, I'll take it as if I'm
Doing the right thing for me, and
Not for them.

Will I ever reach that dream?
Or will it all shatter in an instant?
What ever happens, I will
Keep on pushing through them,
Finding a crack in the walls that hold me back.

Now that I've found something that I like,
I won't ever let go of it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zoo/Museum Animals

Pitiful creatures.
Gawked at each day, watched every second.
Unable to roam free in the wild,
Not being able to hunt for their own food.
With that, they are unable to
Find their own independence.
But without them,
Families wouldn't be able to
Get together and have fun.
But... Is our enjoyment
Worth the freedom of the animals?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Child's Ignorance

They may be young
And not as smart as we would like,
But they are still able
To perceive the feeling of danger
Or when something is wrong.
Even though I have experienced this,
Why did I forget?

Although their ability to understand
The language is flawed
Due to the faults of the parents,
A child is still capable of
Understanding the tones and the hard language
The speaker uses.
Growing up in an environment filled
With insults of all kinds,
I knew that it hurts to hear the words.
So why did I blatantly
Insult the child, disregarding their feelings?
There is only myself to blame.

Monday, April 2, 2012


A child isn't ignorant of bad news or
A dying relative.
As mush as you like
To keep the child in the dark about that, 
The truth comes out.
And when it does
The news coming from others and not
The one who "protects" the child
Hurts the child more.
It causes trust issues,
And the feeling of not being able
To depend on
The protector at all.

No  matter how much you try,
Protecting the child from horrendous news
Is something that
Is done in vain.