Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Warm, big hands to hold us close.
Broad shoulders to keep away enemies.
A comforting voice to take away the fears.
If only for one night, for one day
This would all come back to me.
However, reality isn't that kind, nor do you
Always get what you want.
I can only wish for this to happen in
My dreams.

To dwell in the past is never a good sign,
But at times it always leads us to happier moments.
If I could just turn back the clock just to
Relive that one special moment, that one
Crucial piece of my life, my life would be set.
But... What has happened has happened, and the
Past is but a memory of our lives.

If this feeling is coming from just one year
Without seeing, talking, or hearing him,
Then how will future years play out?

It might be too late, or it might not.
However, there is just one thing that
I would like to tell you before we part.
Until we meet again, I will keep our
Memories strong in my dreams.
I may gain more regrets and I may
Make more mistakes, but I just hope
That I will be able to make you proud.
No matter how far apart we are,
I miss you.

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