Saturday, March 31, 2012


A figure that cares for you.
One that nurtures your existence.
An embodiment of love and
Compassion for their child.
But... Did she ever show any of that?

They say that a mother is the type
To be there for you when
You need her.
If that's true, where was she?
No... Where is she?

Does she ever hear my cries for help
And does she notice my melancholy demeanor?
Between burdening her with my troubles,
Or telling her how I feel,
I don't want to make her feel worried.
She is, after all, working hard
For a better life for her children.

That is why I will
Lock away my worries and
My fears from her.
Will that help me in the end?

By definition, a mother is
A person who protects their child,
Supporting them through decisions,
Warning them of the consequences,
Guiding them through their problems and
Including their child in big decisions that
Affect their life too.
As much as I wish for my mother to be the
"Perfect" mom, she isn't.
In fact, she is the complete opposite of that.
Instead of being like those types of mothers though,
She is something much, much more.
Not living up to the stereotypes, she is a
Perfect example of
What I would like to become.

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