Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Friends to Acquaintances.

{Jghfuhf. My phone deleted the note I had of this again. TT TT. In other news, ugh. High school is starting. I'M GOING TO DIE-----}

I wonder how long it's been
Since I talked to you this way.
That familiarity we once had
Has long since disappeared due
To the passing time and
Our changing personalities.
How are you now?

We used to be friends,
But even the best of friends grow apart.
Our personalities and common interests
Changed, and finally, a rift was formed.
No longer were we "friends".
At most, we were now acquaintances.
Are your new friends nice?
Are you happier with them?
Although your current friends
Never accepted nor liked me, I'm just
Glad they liked you.

I may call you a hypocrite for
Becoming friends with
The people you vowed to never
Get close to and for changing
Your personality to "fit in"
With the popular kids but in truth... Aren't I the same?
I may nag about just how much
People shouldn't change but in
The long run, I do that more than anything.
In truth... I may just be the biggest hypocrite of all.

In this world, the only way to make friends
Is to either be yourself or to change yourself to suit their liking.
Although the first is the better option, the second
Is unfortunately, usually what most people pick.
In the end, you and I fell victims to society.

Dear friend, how are you now?
Now that time has passed, do we see eye to eye?
Are you finally showing your true self
In front of your current friends?
Or are you still a victim of society?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stormy Night.

The storm comes close,
The night becomes endless.
With no one to help comfort me,
I'll rely on the thunder to
Lull me away to my dreams.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sleeping Position (Memory).

{I'm sorry for all of the father posts. OTL. This should pass relatively soon though; I'm feeling a bit emotional this month because of how his birthday was just five days ago. My father always had a habit of crossing his arms over his chest when he slept at night.}

    "Daddy, why do you sleep with your arms folded on your chest?"
    "It's so that if I die in my sleep I'll be prepared and presentable..."

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Soaring through the Sky.

Soaring through the sky
High above the damage and destruction
Humans have instilled on earth
Let's try to at least preserve
This still beautiful part of the world.

Although light pollution and
Green house gases have changed
The sky into a near unrecognizable state,
We are still able to change the
Fate of the sky - provided we act fast.

Let's stop emitting those putrid
Gases that intend to destroy the air,
And start replanting the
Trees that give fresh air.
By cutting off the lights, the stars
Will shine once again through the night sky.

Although this may be a slow
Method, the effect of it will
Be big; wouldn't it?

Saturday, July 14, 2012


{Just got back from my trip~ So tired. @_@. I might have ad-libbed just a little on the red eye flight - we never went on one before. xD}

There was once a time
Long ago where we were happy,
And when nothing else mattered.

We looked at the stars on
Our red eye flight,
Our voices semi drowned
By the purr of the airplane.
The stars glistened and gleamed,
Far brighter than any we had ever seen.
No one complained,
No one interrupted.
As our fingers touched the window,
We pointed out the stars and the moon,
One thing was certain:
We were happy.

It's amazing how time
Can change so much
In as little as six years.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


{NBEFORE: "Did this happen to you?" No, it didn't; I had tried to write in that perspective. ;-;. ANYWAYS... I hate my phone. I was in the middle of writing this, and then it deleted all of the stanzas I had  so far. -____-}

You were so strong, so kind, so caring.
Nothing in the world could possibly stop you.
You were invincible.
Yet... Even the strongest of the strong crumbles.

Each day was a war;
Every struggle created by /them/ in order to
Satisfy their fun and fulfill them of their needs.
Inflicting many taunts, many jokes, so many struggles...
Life was a living hell each day wasn't it?

Others ignored your desperate cries for help
In fear that they would be next.
Your screams, echoing loud and clear, were
Swept aside, dying out as your voice grew hoarse and your throat burned.
Only your dreams brought salvation.

Adults won't listen, brushing it off as a cry for attention.
The faculty wants the best school; complaints of bullying won't cut it.
Suddenly, no adult seems... Trustworthy.

Frustrated over everything,
The bullies, the people who ignored your cries,
The adults who chose not to get involved, you wanted it all over.
You took your life.
And now, it is all over.
As Homer once said,
"Now he sleeps at peace forgetful of what he has suffered."

Now everyones eyes are opened.
They see just how bad society was to you,
And now fingers are pointed to just who is at fault.
But... Why must this be seen only after your death?
Why were they so oblivious to your situation even though
They watched it all happen each day?
Why does no one act as the perpetrator, but instead the victim?
Can't they tell they are all at fault?

Although I knew that had happened to you,
I chose to look into the future, ignoring your talk on it... Like the others.
I'm no better than everyone else huh?
I'm sorry.