Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Time is passing.
The clock is ticking.
Slowly, time is moving forward,
And the remaining amount of time I have
Left here is drifting farther away.
Until when will I be able to make my own choices
And not be pressured to make the "right choice"?

Cherishing the hiding places a little more,
Admiring the scenery seen only here,
Enjoying the time spent with the people found only here.
I will cherish these all in my heart and
Not try to forget the moments I make.
Will this get me anywhere though?
Won't I just drift farther away from reality?

Chattering going all around from different times,
First my siblings, then my parents, and finally my grandparents.
Saving their conversations into my head to never forget,
Taking pictures of the scenery in order to always remember,
So that when time finally stops, I will be prepared.

Even if this isn't the "right" thing to do,
It doesn't matter - I will try my best to remember
These moments.

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