Friday, March 23, 2012

A Child's Life

{After spending 5 hours with my 5-6 year old cousins, I had ended up feeling a bit envious of how carefree they were to everything, something that led me to write this. : )}

Laughing, pointing, smiling.
Going around in circles and
Not caring for the world.
Covering the same topics
Over and over again, facing
The same excitement as they did before.
How I wish I could go back
To a life where we were all just
Little kids playing around, without worrying about
Today's view on our "fun".

Without worrying about deadlines and homework,
Or about crushes and betrayal,
The life of a child is something desirable to us,
Desirable to me.
If only I could go back and become one
Amongst the young and have fun the way
I had always imagined it.

Being able to run around carefree,
And being able to flaunt around play doh bracelets with pride,
A child's life is something enjoyable that I wish to be a part of again.

As long as I keep dreaming however, I can remember
Those precious memories and
Relive those moments over and over again.

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