Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You Left.

{I... Was feeling a bit emotional today.}

I searched for you in the empty house today.
But... No matter how hard I looked for you,
No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find you.
Why did you leave without a word?
Why did you decide to leave at my weakest time?
Was it because you wanted to?
Or was it because you wanted us to change?
I admit that our family wasn't sane, nor was it normal.
And maybe there were unnecessary fights amongst each other,
Amongst ourselves, really.
But... Did you have to leave us?
Is this what they call divine retribution?

We may not have been incredibly close,
But I had truly believed that you would stay.
I had felt that although I couldn't get along
With other people my age, I could at least
Depend on you on the times when I was
Tired of it all, and wanted to cry to my heart's desire.
But... Now that I have that feeling weighing on my chest,
Where are you? Why are you nowhere to be found
At this lonely place we call home?

If you could, would you come back to me,
Come back to us? Or do you prefer
The life you have now, with no restrictions and responsibilities?
Is there ever a moment in your mind where
You think about us, and wonder if we missed you?
Honestly, if I could forcibly bring you back, I would.
But... That is not within my powers.

Do you miss us, even if it's just a sliver?
Because we miss you.
We miss you more than anything else.
We love you, with all of our hearts.

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