Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013




The feeling of being trapped and torn apart. Every inch of you is analyzed, often done in order to jeer and taunt your already broken self. Until you know the true meaning of being trapped in a corner with no means of escape, I'm unsure if you know just how suffocating it is to be in such a claustrophobic area. Perhaps this is the true test of man, to see whether or not we can withstand such long, torturous hours of silence and solitude, to see if we are truly capable of being sane in desperate times, if we are truly able to stay ourselves when driven to a corner.

If the true test of man is something like that, then I give up. No... I've given up long ago, when I was first introduced to the "test." A fragile heart coupled with an insane idea driven by a strange notion will never last for long.