Wednesday, March 21, 2012


{Ever met someone that always talks whenever you try to speak? Yeah...}

Like an annoying bee with its incessant buzz,
Or a melody that goes on and on with no change,
Your voice plays on in my head, sounding out vital comments and thoughts.
Voicing in your opinion too fast, completely blocking out mine,
I stand there, not letting a single sound come out of
My open mouth, looking like a fool with a peeved expression.
But as long as I smile off the frown, I'll be okay,
And your voice will no longer sound in my head as long as
I block out the chatter spewing out of your mouth.
Just like covering my ears and head when a bee comes around,
I'll block your figure and voice out of my mind
So that you won't be able to "sting" me with your venom and hurt me
Just like a bee would.

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