Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Selfish Desires

Please, just put up with my selfish requests a little longer.
Soon, you can forget me.
Soon, my existence won't matter.
So at least for now, put me at the top.

Just a little longer and we'll part ways forever.
Although you mean the world to me,
It's positive that I'm just... There in your mind.
Tell me, did I ever make a dent in you
Like you did to me?

Now, we won't see each other each day anymore.
Every day conversations won't be "every day."
We'll never ask each other for help anymore.
You'll forget about me.
And I'll hopefully forget about you, too.
Although I say that, it isn't actually true.

I'll never forget about you.
You've left too much of an impression on me,
And it's a shame you'll never know that.
I liked you far too much.
And you never felt the same.
I was a nuisance to you, wasn't I?
I'm so sorry.

Just a little more...
And it will be our goodbye.
I won't miss you.
I will forget you.
We'll talk someday.
Although those will be the complete truth for you,
I'm the exact opposite.

My final selfish desire
Is for you to be free.
Be happy.
Thank you for putting up with me.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I once knew a girl.
She was perfect - her kindness could light up the night sky.
But she went away one day, to a land far, far away.
Now a monster is in her place.
I don't know where she's at now,
But if she's somewhere to be found,
Please come out.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mourning Day

{I was visiting my Grandfather's tombstone last weekend and I saw my Grandmother crouching before it, telling him of what has happened thus far, that his children were there to see him, and that his grandchildren were there to greet him.
It was a sad sight. ;-;;.
To my right, there was a woman who kept crying in front of someone's grave, and to my left there was a guy playing music in front of someone's grave. While the girl kept crying, the guy just sat there, enjoying the time he "spent" with the person that had died.
I just. It was so sad. OTL}

The times that have passed
And the memories we shared,
I'll treasure them.

The tears that are wept
Will be a precious reminder of the love I've felt.
May you always be able to tell.

Until next time, I'll keep our memories
Stored away, and from time to time,
I'll relive each tiny bit.
Yes, both the good and the bad
Will be played over and over again in my head.

For death is just another obstacle in life
And although it may derail us,
We will meet again.

Spider's Web

Your eyes, so vibrant and innocent,
And your smile, so new and warm.
You've captured me in your web,
Entwining me in your trap
And strengthening your grip.
Any girl would love to be this close,
And only one girl would feel this lucky.
Tell me, do you treat your "special one" differently?
Unknowingly, you've trapped me.
Please, release me from
Your poisonous web
Before I drown in your kindness.

I've committed a sin;
I've fallen in love with a taken man.