Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Thousand Lives

I dreamed a thousand dreams,
Braved the turbulent seas,
And searched hundreds of miles
In order to bring you back to me.

Lived a thousand lives
And died nine hundred and ninety-nine times,
Ventured across the vast plains,
And swam around the great lakes.

I've seen you each time,
Whether it be coincidental or not.
Be it childhood friends or
Colleagues of the same employer,
We always wound up meeting.
I fell in love with you,
And I'd honestly like to believe you did too.

Alas, fate has not forsaken us.
Each life you died,
And I was left alone.
Other times I departed early,
And the order reversed.
Each time...
The last thing I would see of you
Would be your gentle smile
Telling me what I've always heard.

"Someday, we'll meet again.
Strangers or not,
We'll recognize each other.
I love you."

Ah, the time of our thousandth meeting
Has finally arrived.

If I were to die soon after,
Just know that
My words are the same.
What will our next encounter be like?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Broken Strand

Somewhere along the lines
The strand keeping us together
Tore apart.
You changed, as did I.
By the time we realized
We had already become
Two such people unrecognizable
To the other.
It was far, far too late
To rewind time -
So we kept it as is.
Our sole connection was cut off.

Maybe someday
I'll mend the strand
And rekindle the friendship
We once had.