Thursday, May 17, 2012


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A perfect world, a perfect place
Where everyone is equally free,
And no one is ever hurt.
A society that is better than the rest,
Simply because they chose to live
In equality, and to handle problems
With direct care.
A perfect place deemed by others,
A place with many problems hidden.

To smile freely in such a world
Should be a given, yet to be happier
Than the rest is almost forbidden.
Everyone shares the same pains,
The same sorrows, the same happiness.
Life is constricted, beaten to a pulp.

The delinquents don't exist there, or rather,
They do, but are reformed into a different person.
Or perhaps discarded of in secret order to save
The community's reputation.
Instead of mourning for the loss however,
Life moves on, without anyone knowing
Of that devastating crime.

A vacancy has just opened up
In that town.
Would you like to move
To your utopia?
Just be careful not to lash out;
Who knows what might become of you?

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