Friday, May 4, 2012

A Normal Day.

It was just a normal day.
The sky was blue and there wasn't a single cloud.
The sun shined down on the crowd, missing not a single head.
The day was abnormally normal, until I met you.
You walked towards me with mystery filled eyes,
Clad in a plaid shirt and jeans that hugged your legs.
I eyed every inch of you, starting from your head to your toes.
You walked closer, and our eyes met.
It felt like the universe was frozen, in a trance.
But suddenly our eyes broke contact, maybe because of you, or maybe because of me.
That brief, perfect moment was gone, never to come back again.
You walked past me, your cologne filling my every sense, leaving me to want more.
Our fates had crossed, and our moment of togetherness became
Sweet nothings.

The day was perfectly normal,
The sky was blue and the sun shone.
However, that little part, the moment
Our eyes had met, the day became

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