Sunday, May 6, 2012

Money or Wisdom?

{Oh my goodness I'm tired. I haven't gotten any proper sleep in the past... Two weeks? I usually get five hours instead of the recommended eight. I tried my hand at this kind of story... Can you spot what I was trying to get at? I promise this isn't based on real life other, so it isn't a type of memory for me. xD. Find the secret!
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EDIT: I give up with this. LOLOL. It was supposed to read "Someone is behind you don't look", the first word of each line read. After I changed my layout for the blog I guess it got destroyed. : (.}

Someone told me the key to success isn't money, but wisdom. People believe money is everything, but in reality, it's not. The key to success isn't owned, but works behind the scene. Money is a necessity in our lives, but wisdom gained in the years you live hold more importance in your life.

Don't overlook the knowledge you've gained. Although we agree knowledge doesn't look as good, it helps you overall in the long run.

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