Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flying Towards Dreams.

{Can I learn a song in one day? Absolutely not. Will I fail? Definitely. But hey, at least I tried to enter~. Also. How do people make titles?! Mine fail so badly. xD}

Like a pack of birds
Let's fly towards our dreams,
Soaring through this vast, unlimited sky.
As long as we try our best
And pick ourselves off the ground
When and if we fall,
What could possibly go wrong?

We may be too afraid to gather the
Courage to stand up and shine,
But once we do, we won't stop.
We will keep pursuing our dreams,
Letting others see our talents,
And get one step closer to
The sky.

Maybe we won't all succeed,
And maybe we will crash and burn
Along the way.
But what good is a dream if we don't
Try to reach it?
Rather than giving up when we are
Half way there, we should keep going,
Pushing thoughts of failure out of the way.

Let's make our dreams come true and
Soar through the air, showing off our confidence.
We're flying high to the sky
Like the birds we are.

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