Thursday, May 3, 2012

Missing Link.

{OTL. I'm going to fail my science test. And my Algebra 1 final. What is this I don't even--. Must. Pass. And. Become. Valedictorian. In. High. School. ;A;}

What is it that we are missing?
The absence is subtle in our lives,
But the feeling of it gone is big.

An empty spot in our hearts
That can't seem to be filled
Due to the missing emotion.
Is this normal, or is it something
Rare, a feeling that only comes
To certain people?

No matter how much I search for it,
Look for it, try to find the missing link,
I always end up at my starting point.
Could it be that there is nothing missing,
Or could it be that I'm not mature
Enough yet to find the answer?

Whether we notice or not,
That missing link, that one feeling
That we can't fill, is always there.
Can this mystery be solved in the future?

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