Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Forced Dream.

{People need to learn how to spell when they use graffiti on walls. -_-}

"Doctors are always the better option."
"Any other job is irrelevant."
"Look at your cousins! They are successful."

Goals that weren't meant to be mine,
Were suddenly forced upon me.
Dreams that belonged to my parents became
Things that were given to me.
My future, the one deciding factor of my life,
Was suddenly made to be what my parents
Had wanted for their future.

In order to excel and to earn 
The most money, the best money,
Academically, failure was not an option.
An unsaid pressure was placed, only
To be loosened when other situations
Were suddenly placed on the board.

Although the pressure of exceeding
My family's expectations was an idea
I wholeheartedly rejected, it's suddenly become
A habit; something I just can't break out of.
Maybe it's better to just conform to their wish?

Throughout the years I've warmed up to the
Thought of being a doctor, to the point where
I would like to pursue the career path.
Will I be able to succeed in this choice though?

Once a forced dream, the path of a surgeon
Was once a distant goal thought up by my parents.
However, that dream has now become
The one thing I strive to do well in.

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