Friday, May 25, 2012

The Guest.

{Ahh, I feel like I'm going to slap someone in anger soon. People at school, both the faculty and the students, are so... Annoying? Over dramatic? Stupid? Honestly, I just want to stop being nice to them; if they think they can be a jerk yet still expect me to smile and disregard their comments, who are they kidding? I just want this school year to end.}

The wind blew, flinging a whirlwind
Of sand and rocks to the window.
Although the outside environment
Was noisy, restless, chaotic,
The interior of the building was
Silent, a thick atmosphere filling the air.
The storm raged on and on,
Until finally, there was a knock at the door.

The father, the main arc of the family,
Quickly opens the door, greeting the
Unfamiliar guest with urgency in his voice,
Ushering the man to step in to the house.
However, before the guest could be led
To the living room where the majority
Of the family was, a trigger was pulled.

Shot at the heart, the father soon was not able to breathe.
As the family rushed to the scene,
They see what has become of
Their father, her husband, in that very moment.
They ran.

Gun powder landed everywhere,
Covering the furniture, dirtying the floor.
The once lively house was now covered
In blood, the family portraits stained with
A horrid, deep red substance.

"Four dead, one more to go."
The youngest daughter, a five year old,
Hides under her bed, hoping not to be found.
"Come out come out wherever you are!"
Taunted the murderer, feeling at ease with
His latest doings.
Unfortunately, the little girl, being as young as she is,
Let out a whimper, and was immediately found.
One final bang was heard, followed by
The creaking of the back door slamming shut.

The storm was still brewing outside,
Blocking out any noise that could be heard
From the inside of the house.
Those screams, loud and haunting,
Suddenly ceased at the dawn of the new day.

And then everything went quiet.

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