Thursday, May 10, 2012

Family Time.

{For around a year, maybe more, I've been following this amazing artist on Deviantart - Yuumei. She's a university graduate who draws an amazing web series, Knite. In a few days, it's her birthday/college graduation.  But that isn't the point. xD. In here, she tells us of how her father can't come over from China in order to attend her graduation/birthday. For three years, she has waited for him... And he still can't come over. After reading this, I started to wonder just how much of my family time I take for granted.}

A distant home.
Although "family" is in the room,
They seem to be nothing but strangers.
Our conversations are short and our
Time together is limited.
Is this the family time we all should have?

Although we have occasional greetings
Among ourselves, a hi there, a hi here,
We show no further bonding.
Is what we are doing right?

Caught up in the new age technology
And with the friends that I have made,
I've forgotten what it's like to bond
With my family members, the ones
Who will be gone in future years...
The ones that I will miss most.

Instead of falling deeper into this
Addiction with technology, lets
Put an end to it now so that
We can enjoy the time that we're
Given to spend with our relatives,
And to not waste that precious time.

To be given these moments and take
Them for granted when others
Aren't able to even acknowledge it
Seems like a terrible crime.

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