Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If you...

{I... I think I did good on the audition. @w@. That, or the teacher loves to give mixed signals. xD}

No matter what, I'll always be
Your follower, helping you in
The best way I can for you to
Find your success.

If you become a hideous creature,
I'll follow you, looking for a cure.
If you become a star, I'll
Look for different ways to catch up
To your ever glowing hue.
If you decide to leave me in order
To follow your dreams and to
Seek your fortune, so be it.
I won't stop you from leaving me... Us.
But just know that I'll always
Follow you, even to the depths of Hell and back.

Maybe we grew apart during our
Time together; we found out how the other
Truly acts and how the other truly feels.
Or maybe we just didn't connect as we thought we did.
What ever the reasoning, it won't ever change
The feelings that I feel, and have always felt, for you.

If you become a an elderly man,
I'll become your elderly woman.
If you get married to the woman you love and... She isn't me,
Then that's fine. I'll be your first supporter.
Just... Remember to smile.

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