Wednesday, June 27, 2012


{So I finally saw the video of the bus monitor being bullied by teenagers. I don't remember EVER being that rude when I was around their age. And even now I don't think I'm like that. Growing up I was taught to be respectful to elders, not call them a "fatass" or giving them the finger every second. If I wasn't respectful enough? A slap on the arm. Even if my parents' way of teaching was a bit... Harsh, it worked didn't it? At least I have the decency to be nice to the elderly. Although the whole thing may be resolved, or at the most semi resolved, now, those children still made a huge negative impact to society. No one should harass someone, regardless of age, because of their weight, sexuality, looks, or mentally challenged they are.}

There may be doubts,
There may be worries.
Although fear may overcome you
At the darkest of times, I just want you to
Be able to reach towards your dreams.

Don't worry about the others who may bring you down,
Rather, start thinking about what to do once you get to 
The finish line.

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