Saturday, June 16, 2012


{I remember when I was younger, the first two friends I ever tried to be friends with completely blew me off. The first one trusted everyone /but/ me, and the second one tried to steal all of my friends and my crush. Because of their well... Bitchy attitude, I just repressed those memories. But at times, I wonder... How are they now? Do they still bare the "I'm better than you. Why should you have more friends? Why should I trust you?" attitude, or are they an entirely different person? And then, do they regret ever having met me? It's funny how my mind likes to dwell on questions that have no answers when I don't even remember one of the girl's name. xD}

One new message.
"Hello, how are you?"
An old acquaintance, a friend
From what seems as if a far away time.
An innocent question I'm sure, but
No matter how many times I roll it over in
My mind, I just can't shake off the memories
Of all that occurred before you broke off our communication.
Do I tell you all of it now? It's finally time to let it all out.
Staring at the blank screen, transfixed at the message and
The blinking cursor, I try my best to convey my emotions.

Although I want to tell them just how much
They have hurt my feelings, just how many
Sleepless nights I had over their betrayal,
My only response to their spontaneous message is,
"I'm fine. How have you been doing?"

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