Saturday, June 9, 2012


{Sometimes I wish I wasn't blood related to my sister. When I was younger, she would call me rude names, get mad at me for the dumbest things, ignore and yell at me for talking to her, scream her head off when I brushed my hand against her, and looked at me with eyes that shouted that I should have never been born. Now she expects me to have a positive outlook on the following weeks with her. How do I do that to someone who treated me as an animal? My self esteem is already in the negatives thanks to her and I can't smile a genuine smile. But when I try to blame all this on her, I can't. Maybe I should have never been born...}

To separate one's self from others
Is an act to be alone, to be apart from them.
But in reality, all they ever want is to be with someone.

In order to not get hurt, in order to
Not get attached to others, pushing them
Away is the best thing to do.
But in reality, I just...
I don't want to be alone.

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