Tuesday, June 12, 2012


{Top 10 languages I need to get better in/learn.
  1. Cantonese. I'm so bad at it right now. I bet all of my cousins think that I forgot the language. xD.
  2. Korean. Only because of Song Joong Ki. Andddd JB and JR. Ilovethosethree. @o@
  3. Mandarin. Seriously, both my parents know this language, something that could be incredibly beneficial to our future, yet they decide to teach their children Cantonese?
  4. Latin. Well... Just because. xD.
  5. French. Same as above. I've always loved those two languages, so why not?
  6. Hakka. Again, both of my parents know this. Why not teach it!?
  7. Japanese. I actually have no reason for this, I guess so that it looks better in resumes? I'mfourteenwhyamIthinkingofjobs.
  8. German. I'm turning more in to my brother. German is actually a pretty interesting language and well... If I do stick to my plans for college, I'll need it. ;-;
  9. English. This may sound funny, but I do need to improve my English. I get so confused with the English language and there are some terms that I should know, but don't (ex. What is noon? What is dawn? I got math questions marked wrong because I didn't know what times those were).
  10. Arabic. Again, better resume!
What are your top 10?}

The key to communication.
A vital necessity needed in this day and age.
In order to be familiar and work
Your way around this world, knowing
A universal language will be the utmost
Beneficial to your survival during your time here.

Whether it be for job interviews or day to day
Conversing, languages are set up in order to
Stop confusion during an oral conversation.

However, the line between right and wrong
For this language is blurred, deteriorating every
Second the language is used.
Why is this?
Can't we as humans learn to protect at least
One thing?
Why shorten the grammar and spelling simply
To save space?
Setting a bad example for future generations,
This once perfect language will now be in
Ruins, thanks to our current society of sloths.

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