Friday, June 22, 2012


We aren't friends.
We are just acquaintances with a background.

In the past, the times we
Spent together were times to be valued,
But now that we've both grown up, our
Friendship has deteriorated into nothingness.
It may have been memorable in the past,
But now with the passing times and
Changing seasons, our time became wasted.

Maybe it was my fault, or was it yours?
No... It was both our faults; we let this happen, 
Knowing the consequences.
We let go of the one strand of friendship we
Both had left for each other, letting it fall downwards,
Into the deep abyss.

Whenever I look back at our times together,
A pang will appear in my heart but I will be able to brush it away.
But the regret and memories will always surface
Whenever I see your face.
The face of a mere person I used to
Be close to.

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