Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why we Live.

Why are we alive?
Why do we even try?
Is it because we are too proud
To give in and let go?
Or is it simply because we don't want to?

Proud, arrogant creatures
Who's satisfaction is knowing
That we are "better" than everyone else.
But is that really why we live?
Do we live for scientific reasons,
Being able to repopulate the earth when
Danger is wiping out humans.
Or do we live for a different purpose?

Although we take life for granted,
We truly, do want to live to the fullest.
The fact that we have evolved this far
IS proof of that, right?

The answer to my question isn't
Something that can be spotted easily.
But it can be heard
As long as you listen.

Why do we live?
We live because we can.
Because we want to.