Thursday, April 12, 2012

Battle Cry

{This... Was supposed to be something for the big tests I have next week, but this works too, I guess. xD}

Shout out to the heavens.
Let your voice echo in the darkness.
Pour your soul in to your powerful cry.
Don't let others get you down.
Can you hear my roar?

Don't pay attention to others or to
The latest trends in fashion.
Instead, be yourself - Don't hold back.
Drown out the mindless chatter in your life,
And focus all your attention to doing your best.

Never mind the others who don't think the same way you do.
Think of that as your own individuality,
Being so different you're unable to be read.
Don't ever try to hide your roar from others,
Else you won't be able to truly be "yourself".
Instead of being too shy and meek to ever
Voice out your opinion, regardless of whether others like it or not,
Be a powerful lion, the king of the jungle,
And let others hear your powerful roar.

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