Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We were scared of the future.
Not knowing what to expect,
We hesitated, not wanting to
Change our happy lives.
While everyone else stood
On the other side of the cliff,
We stayed back, unwilling to move forward.
Or rather, I made you stay behind.
I held back your wings.

Spending time with you, I
Could sense the changes I dreaded most.
I, who was the closest to you,
Felt that at times, I was the farthest away.
You shined with the others, radiating
A warm glow, clearly happy to be with them.
Whereas I dimmed, not wanting to stand out.
Eventually even concealing your glow.

As time passed and we grew older and more mature,
I realized that the only thing stopping you from
Changing and spreading your wings was me.
Having a stubborn personality, I refused to
Accept that fact, and instead ignored it.
But... The more I looked into your eyes,
The more I could see you yearning to be with them,
Almost like a child wanting a toy he can't have.
It pained me to see that expression, but
I just didn't want to be alone anymore.

However, the expression finally hit me, and...
I pushed you.
We aren't together anymore.

Now we aren't together hesitating on our future.
You, who belonged on that side, is now
Soaring with the others, emitting an expression
That was never shown when you were with me.
While I am still here, afraid to fly.
Although I can't gather the courage to go over to your side,
I'm glad you do.
I hope that someday, I can
Meet you again, with a smile on my face
Under this shining sun.
And together, we will fly.

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