Friday, April 6, 2012


{When I was in fourth (?) grade, my language arts teacher had thought that my favorite word was "perseverance", and well, the word has stuck with me through the years. : )}

I will persevere towards it.
No matter how difficult it gets,
I will make it.

Even if others say that I have no talent,
Or if I'm put down by my own family,
I won't take their remarks to mind,
Instead, I'll take it as if I'm
Doing the right thing for me, and
Not for them.

Will I ever reach that dream?
Or will it all shatter in an instant?
What ever happens, I will
Keep on pushing through them,
Finding a crack in the walls that hold me back.

Now that I've found something that I like,
I won't ever let go of it.

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