Sunday, April 22, 2012

Future Self.

{I've always been interested in things like time capsules... Mostly things from the past. /Likes history. So whenever I get the opportunity, I would think about what would happen in the future, and this is kind of a result. OTL.}

Are you still the same
Weak child you are now?
Or have you grown out of
Your shell that separates you from others?

What ever happened at that incident?
Did you forget?
Or did something amazing happen?
Whatever happened, are you still the same?

Has there been any changes in
Your personality? Or are you still
Unable to join the others?
Can you make it through to them?

Be strong, be free, be yourself.
Even if in the future you forget,
Just don't forget who you once were.
Those memories will bind you
To the past, to your happiness.

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