Sunday, April 8, 2012


{Honestly, the title was an autocorrect I got when I typed this out; I just typed random letters. xDD. This morning (or Saturday?) I had a dream that involved my father. In that dream, I seemed to be around 9 years old, and my father was there talking to me. Although everything was in mute, it still seemed like a nice talk with him. During the time I had with him in the dream, he had to pull my hair away to my right shoulder, decided to braid it, then left soon after. After such a long time without seeing him moving, I guess it could be counted as a good dream.}

A time when I was years younger,
Where you were healthier, stronger than before.
You and I talked about nothing.
It was a pleasant conversation,
One with smiles and laughs.
Suddenly, you took my hair, bringing it to the side,
Finally saying, "Why not?" in your usual tone.
Braiding my hair, you finished,
Leaving a messy side braid as a result.
Giving me one last smile, saying
One last thing, you got up from your crouch
And walked straight behind me, leaving me behind.
Even though I wanted to follow you,
Even though I tried my best to stand up,
I couldn't move. I was frozen in place.
Instead of following you and telling
You to take me with you, I sat there,
Crying for you to come back and pick me up.
Opening my eyes, I awoke from that dream,
Only to find my eyes wet with tears.
I smiled.


  1. That's awesome that the word 'shaken' appeared when you just randomly types it. Haha Great job autocorrect, I suppose? :)

    Nice poem :)


    1. Haha, I know right? xD
      Thank you~