Monday, April 30, 2012


{I should be sleeping I should be sleeping I should be-- Forget it, let's just write at 11pm. OTL} 

Have we all lived up to the
Expectations that life gives us?
Or have we all failed miserably
In trying to morph our personalities
Into those that are not us?

As we grow older we discover
Just how much society influences
The standards of beauty in our lives.
Every move taken at that point on
Is taken hesitantly - given clear and adequate thinking.

Should you follow the others and
Be well liked with the majority,
Or will you be yourself and
Be liked by only the minority?

Whichever side you pursue, the
Fact remains that life will suddenly
Get harder, less free.
But no matter what happens, just
Don't lose yourself in this mess that
The world has wedged into our minds
On the standard of beauty.

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