Saturday, April 28, 2012


{I've lived in the same place for 14 years - ever since I was born basically. This area is like any other place, except it holds the memories that I had gained years before, when I went shopping with my parents, when I first started school, when I made my first actual best friend, all of those. Although there are times when I just hate this place and want to leave, the truth is, I love it here. It's given me a wonderful childhood when others weren't there.}

A quiet town filled with
Familiar people all around.
Nothing worthwhile ever happens here.
Yet something always occurs
In each individual's life that will
Be a precious memory to the memory makers.

The place where I grew up,
The places where I played,
The areas I always entered,
All hold significance in my life.
They provide a sanctuary, a place
To return when I lose myself.
Without those, I wouldn't be myself.

Harboring the same smells,
The same types of people,
The same memories, this town
Holds an incredible thing,
Even if others don't see it.

Although I complain about
Trivial things here, such as
The weather and the sunlight,
Who knew that this would be
The place I missed most?


  1. Truly Beautiful Poems, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

    1. Thank you so much!
      It means a lot. : )