Monday, February 27, 2012


{Err, late Valentines Day surprise? For this, I decided to write in the viewpoint of the people who had their hearts broken on that day. I hope I got the feeling right though... Feedback is helpful!}

Blurry eyes, faded vision
Hearts are broken
Loves are lost
Time is wasted on one person
That only treats you as a friend.

Memories play with laughter around
Thoughts of our past suddenly show
And although my heart yearns for
Acceptance and love from
That one special person that
Unfortunately cannot be because
His heart is already taken by another.

At first my heart sank at the sound
Of YOUR happiness, but as soon as
The words kicked in I began to realize
That my time with you may have passed
And that our crushes for each other have

As long as you are happy, then I am too,
Or so the people before us say.
Yet why is it that I can't help but feel
Unhappy for you during this time?

I may not be the best one around or
The happiest and energetic of the bunch but
I had hoped that in some way
I was able to fill you with happy memories
And moments of our time together.

Looking back, I realized
That although I was happy and filled with your smell,
A constant and refreshing drug of mine,
You were not as happy, not as carefree as when
You were with her.
Awkward and shy when with me,
But happy and outgoing when with the other.
You showed your true side more frequently.
Although I tried not to notice that change,
It has finally gotten to the point where I can
Ignore it no longer.
Because of that, this is

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