Sunday, February 26, 2012

Perfect Day

{Spontaneous, dramatic short stories for the win.}

        Beep beep beep.
        As the alarm continued to ring at 6:30a.m, the disgruntled teenager finally awoke.
       “Five... More... Minutes...”, replied Anna in a raspy voice that eventually made her wake up.
        Once she was ready for school and breakfast had been made, she sat down at the table, thinking about how her day will turn out great.
       “If all goes well, my plans for today will be great! First thing to do after school is to go to the library, then to the local craft store for some felt...”
       With eager plans for the rest of the day, Anna rushed out of the house, saying her goodbyes to her mother as she walked out of the door. Once she was out of her neighborhood and at the crossing light for walkers, she pressed the button, waiting patiently until it was her time to cross. Finally, the light switched to the walking man, and Anna quickly left the safety of the sidewalk to cross the street. Everything was fine until...
       A sudden car came screeching past the red light. Unable to control the car's direction, it hit Anna, completely breaking her bones, crushing her lungs and diaphragm. With the fear of death in her mind and the aching pain in her body, she began to fade in and out of consciousness. Knowing her time would soon be up, Anna began to think of all the things she could have done, all the achievements she could have gained.
      With her last and final breath she uttered, “Today should... Have been... Perfect...”