Saturday, February 25, 2012


The necessities needed to live
Are vast.
People tend to take them for granted
Because the items are found virtually anywhere.
But what if they were suddenly take away?
Would we, as humans, survive
In a world where items are not easy to find?

In the world's current state of laziness and productivity,
We would most likely revert back to our
Primitive ways, not being able to remember
The lives we once had, the lives we once lived.
If people were not so dependent
On others and on items that would run out,
Would life become different, due to the public
Depending on only themselves?

Society's state of mind as of now
Is to take what is given and
Not give the moment to think it through.
If more and more people were aware of
The fact that not everything lasts forever,
Would they change their ways?
Or would they ignore that fact,
Deeming it as pointless information and

Not something that would affect them?
However, contrary to their belief, 
Everything does affect everyone,
No matter how small the matter is.
That is why we are now
In a state of decline
Due to our failure of understanding
That crucial and key fact.

When will we, as a whole,
Mature and become independent,
Living a honest to good lifestyle
Without having to rely on the
"Hands that feed us"?
Hopefully in the future,
This change will be able to shine through.

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