Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This nervous, jittery feeling I get whenever I see you
Is it that so called feeling of love?
My heart races at the sound of your name
The sound of your voice
It feels so wrong, yet it's just right.

The first day I met him I was at school
Plain, young, and innocent, I was smitten
By the look on his face when his head
Turned toward mine.
At that precise moment, I was head over heels
For the boy that I had only just met
Who I dream t of to be “the one”.

The next few days at school
Were such a blur to me
I walked through the halls,
Unable to concentrate.
Instead of paying attention to the massive crowd ahead,
I looked for his face only, trying to pick him out
Through the crowd.
My efforts worked, I saw him!

Throughout the year, I saw him continuously;
In the halls, during class, and lunch.
My eyes were always so transfixed on him,
That eventually, I knew someone would notice
This little, whimsical like, puppy love of mine.

Why can't I talk to him, no matter how close we are?
I always let the opportunity pass, and when I don't,
He doesn't contribute to the conversation.
At least ONCE, I'd like to say, “Hey!”
With a happy and confident smile on my face
But unfortunately for me, I'm too shy of a character
To do something as simple as that.
It seems that I can help others of their problems like this,
But when it comes down to it, I'm helpless on my own.

The year has finally ended; 8th grade here I come!
Throughout the entire school year, my eyes trailed
After one boy, and one boy only.
Nervous and scared, will we be in the same class now?
However, fate has decided to separate us;
He is in one class, and I'm in the other.

Treading to class on the first day
My heart sinks faster, knowing that
We aren't in the same elective
Why must we be separated?
Can't we have at LEAST one class together?
I'd like to gaze at him just a little bit longer...

How will this story end for us?
Signs point to a yes on his part,
But is that truly the case?
How I wish to be able to be with him, more than friends.
Summer with him was incredibly fun,
And I hope to have more times like that.
That is why I hope to be able to talk to him,
Establish our friendship, and let the ever growing
Flower of love bloom into something for magical
For me, the one who has liked him the most.

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