Monday, November 5, 2012


She chases your shadow in hopes
That one of these days, you'll turn around and acknowledge her.
But... She knows that all will be in vain.

You're someone out of her reach,
Someone who is capable of doing things
She could never accomplish.
As you take a step forwards, all she can do
Is catch up, and hope to not fall so far behind.
While you're moving towards your dreams,
She's just hoping that you won't leave her behind.
She's... Trying to prevent the inevitable, really.

She knows that soon, you won't be in her reach.
Soon... You'll be on another level,
A level too far from hers.
But she can't stop what she already started.
That's why, until she can't see you anymore,
Can't reach or speak to you anymore,
She'll keep chasing your shadow
In hopes that one day you'll be hers.

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