Tuesday, November 13, 2012


{I'm sorry? I find myself repeating that sentence more than I should. ;-;. Also. I SHOULD HAVE DONE NANOWRIMO.}

"Please, just bare with it for now."
"When you're older, you can do whatever you want!"
"You have no right to complain."

They say that the future holds nothing but happiness,
But I find that a horrible, gigantic lie.
While it may be true that tomorrow holds a better today,
The future can still be grim.
Who's to say that when we grow up our future will be perfect?

Although I've been told many times before to
Let go of such a dark outlook on life, I just... Can't.
A child was born and raised just hoping for a better life,
And that child grew up into a person who knows
How horrendous the future will truly be and that an
Optimistic mindset... Won't be enough to prepare you for failure.

Although a child was born,
Her hopes were dashed once the world shows its true colours.
In place of that child,
An emotionless person who sees the negative and not the positive sides of things
Was born.

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