Thursday, October 3, 2013

When we were Children

We were children
Living in a world of what we
Envisioned 'adult society'
to be.
Behaving in an
utmost manner,
Speaking ever so formally,
and spending time on
matters that made no sense to us,
We forgot to be

Yes, we carried the
dignity of an adult,
Yet had the body
of a child.
For what reason?
To grow up faster?
Can we honestly say
that after being pushed
into such a cruel world,
We found a reason to stay?
However, could we had said
that we wanted to leave?
When we were children,
it just never seemed possible
with the weight of the
Earth on our shoulders.

And now as we
rekindle our friendship,
It seems as if
Everything has changed.
We now match
the suit we bare,
and the weight of
The hearth is no longer
crashing down on us.
We've matured tenfold.

Yes, we were surely
Fools to think that
we lived in a world of
Black and white.
Now, we'll laugh at
how mindless our worries were,
and how we'll miss those
Bygone days.

We spent hours just
Reminiscing of those days
When we were only children.

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