Friday, October 26, 2012


{Because I get this feel all the time and I can't.}

That smile, it kills me inside.
Don't direct it to another girl,
Only show that face when you're with me.

Almost like a child who receives a toy,
That look provides me sustenance, the energy to live.
It's become something I can't live without.
It's become something I want to keep with me.
But what if you start to show that smile,
A private expression between the two of us,
To another person?

She's prettier than me, smarter too.
She's everything I'm not – athletic, graceful, funny, you name it.
I wouldn't be surprised if you fell for her;
She has everything... You would look for in a girl.
It's like she's the majestic and beautiful swan
And I'm the ugly duckling in the stories and fantasies given to children.
Except this time, the ugly duckling doesn't have a happy ending.

Please, just don't be closer to her than you are to me.
Don't show her your secret facial expressions
Or the voices you make when it's just the two of us.
Don't include her in our inside jokes,
Or tell them to her first and exclude me.
Please... Don't replace me.

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