Wednesday, October 3, 2012


{I hate starting things with pronouns---}

You're so brights, so smart, so liked.
Whereas I'm the complete opposite.
How did we ever become friends?

I want to be like you, capable of
Laughing among friends and even able to make them.
I want to stand on the same platform as you,
No one being placed on a a higher pedestal; just.. an equal footing.
Yet I know I'll never be able to reach you.
You're simply too bright, and I'm just too dull.
Our two paths might never cross again in the future.
This incident where we... Became friends was a once in a lifetime occurrence,
I'm sure of it.

Maybe in the future we'll meet again
And stand on the same patch of grass.
Maybe then we'll finally have our paths cross yet again, and this time, not because of a fluke.
Maybe then... We can look each other in the eye in public.

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