Saturday, August 31, 2013


{Long time no write! Hehe, I got bored on the bus last week.}

She strolled past me and I caught a whiff of her scent - the all too familiar smell of... just what exactly? Before I could catch it yet again, just like her, the smell dissipated into the sea of odors that lay ahead.

Her smell stuck by me for the entire day, driving my curious side insane. Her odor was faint, yet strong. Sweet, yet sour. Kind, yet painful, and so on and so forth. As I was contemplating just what it was, the scent wafted over to me, immediately gaining my attention. It captivated my presence and wrapped me in its embrace. I followed the lingering scent through the crowded hallways until I bumped into a dainty figure and fell.

"I'm so sorry, are you okay?!" She asked, her soothing voice clearly showing her concern. Her voice was like an angel's; it was unusually sweet, her sing-song voice hitting every nook and cranny of my heart. She offered a helping hand to me. The smell immediately surrounded me, trapping me in its strong clutch.

"I'm... I"m fine; thanks!" Hiding my face, I grabbed her hand and got up. We nodded our apologies. Glancing at her, I was entranced by her luscious brown hair and gorgeous grey eyes. Although it was  only for a split second, I was able to notice her in her entirety. Her figure was delicate; her shoulders small and her face slim. Her skin held a tint of ivory, yet still held the fairness and lightness of a baby. Before I could say another word, she had yet again disappeared from my sight, taking her scent with her.

And it dawned to me that the fragrance that I could never name was now clear - she had the fragrance of lavenders mixed with an undertone of tulips.

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