Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why do I Cry?

In times of weakness,
Tears are shed.
In moments of frustration,
Tears are wept.
To grieve of a death
Brings sorrow and tears.
Despite what I'm told
Of tears and sadness
Being our greatest weakness,
I don't believe so.
Although they show
The "coward" in us all,
They express an inborn human emotion,
So innate, so hidden from the word.
We hide our pain in secret,
Hoping to not be viewed as "weak".
But the more we repress them,
The harder they will fall.
It takes great courage
To cry in front of others,
And it takes a human
To mourn for the life of others
And to feel their pain,
As well as your own.

Why do I cry?
I cry because I am human.

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