Saturday, August 18, 2012

Slow Down.

{Sorry, I just realized this doesn't make sense. OTL. I'm really sick right now and can't think properly.}

Slow down,
Hold your breath.
Take in all the sights, smells,
And memories.
Close your eyes,
And listen.

Time goes by too fast.
Instead of worrying about
The past, make haste towards the future.
Petty regrets of the past are by far the worst,
And are the kinds you can't fix.
But instead of wondering, "I shouldn't have done that,"
Or, "What was I thinking?"
Change your thinking by
Improving yourself for the future.

Don't rush everything
For the sake of growing up.
To be honest, growing up isn't
That fun. Trust me, I had the the same mindset as you.
I'd... Give anything to turn back time.
In order for you not to have the same
Regrets as I do,
I just hope that you'll listen to me,
And not ignore me like the others.

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